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YTKO Group land Outset contract in Huntingdonshire

Stacey Pike, Liam Boote, Julie White and Dan Fisher

YTKO Group today announced a two year contract to deliver their award winning Outset programme to Huntingdonshire.

Outset Huntingdonshire will support individuals to start their own businesses through their flexible range of options including pre and post start-up support workshops, one-to-one sessions and e-learning.

In selecting a deliverer, Huntingdonshire County Council sought a provision that would reach out across a largely rural area; engaging people on the fringes and giving them access to the same high level of service expected in town centre areas.

Outset was chosen for its impressive track record in outreach work. The programme recently won both the UK’s national BIS Enterprising Britain Award for Promoting Enterprise as well as the Grand Jury Prize for inspiring entrepreneurialism at the 6th European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA).

Jason Ablewhite, Executive Leader of Huntingdonshire District Council said: “Huntingdonshire has a well-established tradition of entrepreneurialism amongst its residents and in choosing YTKO Group to provide their Outset start-up support programme , we have a European recognised enterprise provider well versed in engaging all sectors of society.  Self-employment, coupled with advice and support, offers a real option for many people and we believe this programme will arm them with the information, knowledge, tools and, most importantly, confidence to take that first step.

A key element of the project will be to get local providers working together in partnership for the benefit of the clients.

Lee Hughes, Director of Enterprise for YTKO Group commented “YTKO Group have a proven record of integrated partnership working – with a range of business support services. We strongly believe that collaboration and building partner relationships is vital to our work – our ethos is to work within the current infrastructure to complement and enhance existing services.”

The programme will officially begin in January however a small waiting list of clients has already been seen and several meetings with key strategic stakeholders have taken place to begin building those all-important local relationships.

Over its two year period, Outset Huntingdonshire will deliver 60 workshops, 450 one-to ones and create a total of 75 sustainable new businesses.

Since 2009, Outset has helped over 7,000 clients across the UK explore enterprise as an option. As a result more than 1,251 sustainable new businesses have been started, creating a total of 1,435 new jobs.

If you would like to find out more about how an Outset programme could benefit your local area please call Lee Hughes on 01223 421470 or email lee.hughes@ytko.com.