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Outset hits the 2000 jobs mark

brookmount_300Over the last three years, the programme has helped over 10,000 people, assisted in setting up over 1700 businesses and has reached a key milestone of over 2000 jobs generated.  The success of the programme resulted in winning the prestigious Grand Jury Prize for inspiring entrepreneurialism at the 2012 European Enterprise Promotion Awards.

The Outset programme announcement came after the latest government figures, released in June, revealed that unemployment figures were still at the 2.5 million mark – around 7.8% of the economically active people in the UK. Outset helps not only long term unemployed but also people from all backgrounds to develop their ideas for their business and provide a framework for them to successfully launch into the market.  Outset has achieved its success via a combination of workshops, one-to-one guidance, mentoring and help with accessing finance, developing the person and the business together.

The programme delivers both social and economic improvements in the areas of Bristol, Cornwall, Huntingdonshire, Swindon, Plymouth and Torbay, with new Outset programmes to be launched this year.

YTKO Director of Enterprise Lee Hughes said: “We are delighted with this news. Outset will always be there for the people who want to start a business, however small or large. YTKO are committed to building lasting relationships in the areas we work, while also providing the best possible support to help create the kind of sustainable businesses this country needs.”