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Dr Rajshree Weston,

Rajshree Weston Therapy

Client Portrait
After being made redundant from traditional employment, clinical psychologist Dr Rajshree Weston decided to start a new private therapy practice providing Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT) and Clinical Psychology services.

Dr Weston heard about the Outset programme through local partner organisation The Ramsey Initiative and approached Outset Huntingdonshire to develop her business skills, with a focus on marketing. She was introduced to Programme Director Stacey Pike who took her through the options available.

The Outset Huntingdonshire programme is fully funded by Huntingdonshire District Council and aims to help people in Huntingdonshire to start their own business through free-to-use one-to-one support, intensive start-up workshops and e-learning.

Commenting on her experiences, Dr Weston said: “The workshops allowed me to brainstorm a long list of ideas of how to promote and market my business. It also provided me with confidence in the ‘gently, gently’ approach, allowing me to stay true to myself.”

The business is now taking on new clients and, with the help of a “very supportive husband”, she aims to form links with other Huntingdonshire businesses by providing: “a personalised therapy service that makes a real difference in the lives and relationships of a wide population.”

To find out more about Dr Weston’s work, visit her website: www.rajshree.co.uk.