Become an advisor

Now you too can help people to help themselves.

Working for Outset, in your own time

Since 2009, Outset has been the leading provider of start-up services targeted at disadvantaged communities and individuals. During this time, we have recruited and trained exceptional people to work as Outset advisors and developed innovative and creative new methods and resources for attracting, engaging, and empowering people to develop and successfully sustain their own enterprises. We also created and expanded our Outset Online e-learning system, which now has many hundreds of active users across the UK.

Being an Outset adviser can be one of the most rewarding and interesting jobs going. It’s also one that demands exceptional social and business skills, and the ability not only to manage your clients, but also yourself.

If you believe you have the entrepreneurial, mentoring and commercial knowledge and ability to become an Outset adviser yourself, then you too could join the Outset community as an Outset start-up consultant.

You would receive exactly the same in-depth training and support as our staff advisors but be able to work flexibly as part of our freelance team, plus you’d be supplied with full IT hardware and software and have unlimited access to our Outset Online resources and community. In effect, you’ll have all the freedom of working for yourself with all the support of working for an established organisation.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming an Outset start-up consultant then email and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible.

To email our team directly from this webpage, please follow this link.